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In August, it will be ten long years since I was home last. Ten years is too long. I am planning to come back to New York, take the Adirondack Scenic Railroad from Thendara to Big Moose, then ride my Cogburn CB4 fat-bike from Big Moose to Stillwater, then from Stillwater to Inlet by way of Carter Station and Rondaxe Road, past the summer camp I went to as a boy. The second half of the trip will be from Inlet to Indian Lake via the Moose River Plains. Have to get a non-resident fishing license and catch some trout. (The Moose is where I learned to fish, 50 years ago.) Just one question: Who wants to ride it with me?

More details soon!

The First Nations Version Project

St. Brendan's Two-Wheeled Explorer has prayerfully chosen to devote our major fund-raising efforts in 2013 and '14 towards the development of the “First Nations Version” translation of the New Testament (and, ultimately the entire Bible) into Native American context, by Terry Wildman of RainSong First Nations Music and Storytelling. This is an exciting endeavor that will paraphrase the Sacred Scriptures in a way that is easier for Indian peoples across the US and Canada to relate to. We believe this will be a powerful tool for discipleship on the Reservations, and will open many previously closed doors, and hearts to the Lord.

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