Saturday, January 15, 2022

Every Person Has a River to Ride

In 2009 I had a dream, a dream that became the main item on my "bucket list." But over the years, life got in the way. I want to revisit that dream, to do that thing: To ride the Lewis and Clark National Historic Trail (and the associated bicycle trail, as much as possible) from St. Louis to the Western Sea. I've done St. Louis to Defiance, MO, and from Vermillion to Pierre, SD. I want to fill in the gaps before I get too old to do it. My guidebook? My very favorite devotional book ever; "Ride the River" by Larry Christenson. I've created a Facebook page and will be resurrecting my blog to tell the tale. It's going to take a few years, but it's time to join the Corps of Discovery again.

God's plan for the Christian life always has been that it be lived out under the active hands-on leadership of Jesus Christ and the HIf I type this normallyoly Spirit. For many, the Trinity is a theological doctrine but not an experience in their everyday lives. Using the journey of Lewis and Clark as a parable, bestselling author Larry Christenson writes that knowing and following God's will is a journey in which each person of the Trinity has a unique and integral part.


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